Entry: Australia's Man Friday 5.5.05


June 20, 2005   11:49 AM PDT
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June 17, 2005   08:37 PM PDT
And guess what, not surprisingly, Gilli has been voted the most destructive batsman in ODI's now. Well, for a man who has a strike rate of OVER 80.00 (WOWWWW !!!) in TEST CRICKET, that is not surprising at all. I still remember Wasim Akram, who happens to be (as claimed by the DON himself in the past) . the best left arm fast bowler the game has ever seen, saying, he has found Gilli the toughest batsman to bowl to in his career.I can go on writing about Gilli. He could enter any World's X! by the sheer talent of his batting. His keeping seems to go unnoticed because of it .. Once in a lifetime cricketer. wow.. feel I could go on forever on Gilli. I might write a blog on him soon :)

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