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Rang De Basanti

When somebody makes a very convincing and believable first 2 hours in a movie, only to squander it all away in the last 30 minutes, it sucks big time. Very Big Time. Too many (unnecessary) things happen in those last 30 minutes, devoid of much logic and you end up with something close to a bad hangover. I'm sorry if the comparison doesn't seem suitable.. What to do, I don't have much experience in that area.. :-)

However that shouldn't take away the brilliance of the cast, led from the front (actually not excatly from the front, more like in the background) by Aamir Khan. I am a big fan of the A.Khan as against the other two S.Khans who are both hopeless. Siddharth, Afsal, Maddy, Soha Ali, Atul Kulkarni, everybody shine in their moments and make this a very memorable movie. (The final 30 mins make it memorable too but for an entirely different and uncomfortable reason.)

And AR Rehman makes a stunning comeback into Bollywood after a not too great "Mangal Mangal". Filmography is apt and engrossing. Dialogues are chic and trendy. Good stuff.

Way to go. Next time please oh please do work more on the climax.

Posted by Meenaks on 16.3.06
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GOD is back..!!!

I haven't updated my blog for a long time now. But today I couldn't let this opportunity go.

I start blogging again by celebrating my sporting hero's return to centre stage with a big Bang.

You rock, man. I mean, You rock, God..!!

Posted by Meenaks on 25.10.05
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Mangal Pandey - The Rising

Yesterday night I watched the comeback movie of Aamir Khan. It was in fact "a rising", a la phoenix.

The movie appealed to me a lot. When one attempts to make a movie with a plot that everybody knows very well, the difficulty lies in making it engrossing. One cannot take too many liberties in the characterisations. However, I felt director Ketan Mehta has risen to the challenge admirably. The narration dragged only a little bit in the later parts but was very interesting and well made in the overall consideration.

Aamir Khan!! My God. He is a damn good actor and he proves the point so succintly. Toby Stevens gives a tough fight as Captain Gordon, the sympathetic friendly figure.

I am suddenly finding Rani Mukherji looking very jaded and unattractive in some of her recent films. The same continues in this one too. I couldn't stand her as the "nauch girl" that everyone desires.

On the other hand, Amisha was really delicious stuff. Cute.

I know there has been much criticism about the last scene where Aamir and Rani have a hurried marriage in the prison. Yeah, the concept sucks. However, the beauty lies in the way it has been picturised, where nobody speaks anything. Aamir Khan speaks with his eys, and Rani responds in kind. Beautiful.

Somehow I felt the movie was worth the hype, and the time I spent.

Posted by Meenaks on 24.8.05
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..

Yesterday I watched the third episode of Star Wars for the second time. This film is probably my first Star wars experience (I don't remember watching any of the previous films) and I sure liked it. I can see why it has acquired the status of one of the greatest stories ever told on screen. It has a bit of everything for everybody - action, romance, comedy, science fiction, myth, cool robots, scinitillating gadgets, quotable punch lines, and what not. All of this combining into a really good script.

Evan McGregor as the enterprising Obi-Wan Kenobi is outstanding. He brings out a very lively portrayal. Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker was good in parts, though he could have done better. I was pretty impressed and amused by the 'Junoon' style English being spoken by Jedi master Yoda. ('Careful, we all must be', 'Misplaced, your belief may be', 'A prophecy, wrongly interpreted, it might have been', 'Destroy the evil Sith, we must'))

Full marks to George Lucas for creating the awesome war scenes. His imagination in terms of the robotic machines and the planets is quite spell binding. The volcanic planet was too good.

Overall, an excellent movie well made.

Posted by Meenaks on 2.6.05
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Australia's Man Friday

Rediff has come up with a special edition celebrating the decade long Australian dominance of cricket. Makes good reading.

I was especially happy about this piece on Adam "Gilly" Gilchrist. He is my favourite player outside of India, and he is always the second player I select in any world XI team for both Tests and ODIs. He is one of the best gentlemen of the game. Recently he was in the news when there were reports that Red Sox wanted him as a member of their baseball team. Way to go, Gilly.

Posted by Meenaks on 5.5.05
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Happy Birthday to my favourite writer

Sujatha Rengarajan is not just a writer. "Vaathyaar" as he is known fondly in the literary circles, he is an almighty legend. A teacher, perhaps without him knowing it. To scores of budding kids like me. Especially to me, a fellow alumnus from Madras Institue of Technology.

Novels, Serials, Short stories, Theatre, Film scripts, Science fiction, Scientific articles, Life experiences, what not.

Instead of trying to express myself poorly as above and failing, I can instead beg you to read this post in tamil by Prakash. It does full justice to the legend that is Sujatha.

Or you can read it from the master himself in this week's issue of Ananda Vikatan.

Many happy returns of the day, sir. You continue to inspire.

Posted by Meenaks on 3.5.05
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